Video and audio

Video (and audio) accounts for an ever-greater proportion of web traffic. But it’s also the case that you no longer have to be a broadcast outlet to make use of video and audio. Just look at YouTube: it is already the second-largest search engine, after Google itself, and home to millions of hours of content.

Producing video and audio content for online consumption isn’t the same as producing content for broadcast, however.

Budgets are usually — though not always — lower. But the viewing and listening experience is different too. Online lends itself to shorter pieces, certainly, but also other ways of storytelling. A written article can contain several video clips, audio, photos, an infographic, or any combination of those. In some ways, a good “rich media” article online, is rather like a documentary broken down into its component parts.

Creating content this way calls on a range of skills. Stephen Pritchard has almost 20 years’ experience creating content for multimedia projects for organisations including MSN and the BBC. This includes working with photographs, audio, graphics and of course video.

Recently his multimedia journalism has been used by outlets including the Financial Times, Dennis Publishing, Reed and the Guardian.

He operates both as a reporter and videojournalist, editing his own material, or as part of a team with experienced news camera and sound operators.

As well as editorial commissions, Stephen undertakes projects for companies, and the charity sector, as both audio and video. The only rule is, there needs to be a story to tell.

Pro-bono video created for a local youth charity in Richmond, London


  • For more examples please visit the Showreel pages on this site.
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