Equipment for sale

Due to upgrades, we currently have the following items of used equipment for sale:

Edirol R4 four-channel hard disk audio recorder, boxed and with hard case: £550 (new units are £850)
Nikon D200 D-SLR, with Pro-grip/battery adapter, boxed: £550; with used Tokina ATX 28-70 f2.8 lens £650 (note: lens works perfectly but it isn’t in great cosmetic condition)
iRiver 20GB portable audio recorder with RockBox firmware: this is an MP3/WAV recorder with built-in hard disk and rechargeable battery, and a mini-jack mic input. It has the RockBox open source firmware which gives more control for ‘pro’ recordings: £50
Apple MacBook Pro (Intel Core Duo/FW400 model), 2GB RAM, 160GB hard disk: fully working and with box but in well used condition, £350

All prices ex VAT but we’ll consider sensible offers.

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