Upcoming feature: mobile security

I’m currently researching the following feature on mobile security, to appear in Infosecurity Magazine in early 2016.

I’m looking for:

  • analyst comment and research
  • general stats on mobile working and related trends
  • CIO and CISO experiences of managing and securing mobile devices
  • Examples of successful BYOD programmes
  • Good quality vendor comment is also acceptable

Please contact me with any leads by 12 noon, GMT, Friday 18 December at the usual email address. Full synopsis below.


Infosecurity feature: closing the mobile gap

Mobile devices are far from just a consumer phenomenon. Businesses increasingly rely on cellular phones and tablets, rather than desktop PCs or laptops.

But as more business tasks become mobile, mobile becomes a greater target for hackers and malware authors. And with mobility hardwired into the business process, the consequences of a breach or attack become more severe too.

Then there is the question of data loss and data theft, as more sensitive information moves into the mobile realm.

Unfortunately for CISOs, investment in mobile security lags behind spending on the desktop

And CISOs don’t see mobile as a high-risk threat, perhaps because widespread outbreaks of mobile malware have yet to happen — despite predictions from some experts. But, even if mobile threats are not as visible, mobile devices could be a backdoor to the corporate network, which sophisticated attacks can exploit.

The feature will look at:

  • the uptake of mobile and how it’s moving deeper into the business
  • the growing risk posed by mobile devices especially as businesses do more on the move;
  • strategies for CISOs to secure and manage mobile devices to reduce the threat
  • how tools including MDM and AV can bolster enterprises’ defences whilst allowing staff to work where they choose
  • how to ensure robust data protection on the mobile device
  • how to manage BYOD programmes without compromisng security

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Freelance journalist specialising in business and technology, based in London (UK).

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