Speaking opportunity: Infosecurity Magazine webinar, Nov 5: Detect And Respond

I have an opportunity for a CIO, CISO or independent security commentator for the following webinar (which is at 1500 GMT on November 5):

Detect And Respond: The Technology You Need To Beat The Clock

2015 has definitely been the year in which response has come to the fore. As threat surfaces become wider and attack vectors have become more varied and innovative, adversaries have become more determined, sophisticated and capable. The bad news is that bad things happen.

This means that the need for robust analytics, knowing precisely what may be happening if an attacker is successful is greater than ever. Indeed, your speed of detection and response may be crucial to how well your firm prospers.

Join us for this webinar, where a panel of experts will explore why robust analytics should be central to your company. Join the conversation as the panel discusses:

  • What you should expect leading analytics systems to offer your company
  • What types of threats robust analytics can mitigate
  • What is MTTD and MTTR and how you can achieve improvements in those metrics
  • How the deployment of analytics can help your company remain agile and flexible even as threats increase
  • If you, or a colleague, would like to take part, please email meemail me in the first instance – submissions for speakers, given the short notice, is 1700 on 29 October.


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