Upcoming article: ‘mobile first’ loyalty

I’m looking for some additional input for a piece for a Raconteur report on the customer experience, due out in September, on mobile loyalty (see below).

Anyone with case studies, customer references or stats, please send them to me (email please, no calls) asap and no later than 1700 London time, 26 August.

Obviously retail is a key sector, but it’s not the only one, happy to consider other sectors and B2B.

many thanks!

Mobile first loyalty

In the consumer’s eyes, mobile is the primary choice for interaction with a brand with 76% of millennials relying on mobiles to do so. According to a 2015 study from Forbes, 84% of CEOs at customer-centric companies focus on enhancing the mobile customer experience. This article will analyse the ways that companies can use mobile for more than just a method of contact, by driving revenue through ‘in the moment’ payments, marketing innovatively and revamping tired loyalty solutions.


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