Yet this opens up a new level of security concerns for the organization in how best to protect not just the myriad of devices, but the data coming to-and-from them. For many securing these devices appears to be an afterthought, making the IoT revolution akin to the ‘Wild West’.

Join us for this webinar, where a panel of experts will explore the possible threat that the IoT could bring to your organization and answer your questions. Join the conversation as the panel discusses:

  • What IoT devices  do, what data they collect, who owns the data they collect, where the data is being collected
  • Which vulnerability assessments or certifications do devices have
  • The ‘as-is’ state of your network and why you need an audit to understand what is accessing your system, when, what it does when it sees data, and what it communicates to/where
  • What policies and procedures you need to deploy
  • How you can ensure IT, security and network teams educate themselves on the latest when it comes to devices, standards, and issues