Upcoming Commissions July-August 2015

If I’ve been a bit quieter than usual these last few days, I’ve been taking some time off to prep my house for some refurbishment and extension work… this sort of thing takes longer than you expect!

This also means I’ll be living with friends etc over much of the summer, and away from the office. So email’s the best way to contact me, please bear with me if it takes a little longer to reply.

Notwithstanding all that, though, I am working on a number of features, below. Please drop me a line asap if you have an opinion or know an expert who might be suitable.

I’ve not indicated deadlines but given the above will give preference to interviewees who are available before July 31.

Industrial wearables and data security
(for a report sponsored by Intel)

For all the optimism surrounding wearables, there is a persistent black cloud on the horizon. Wearable devices’ ability to collect and transmit personal and sensitive data raises the spectre of data (in)security.

This article will examine the nature of the challenges that enterprises face, identifying the weaknesses in network security infrastructure that can result in data leaks and security breaches. To provide balance, the piece will appraise the strategies available to mitigate the threat, covering both the behavioural (organisational rules) and technological solutions available.

The piece will recognise the impact that security concerns can have on employee receptiveness to wearables, drawing upon studies such as a 2014 PWC survey that showed that 86% of respondents felt that the use of wearable technologies would make them more vulnerable to data security breaches.

An additional angle that will be touched upon is the necessity for companies to consider legislation that governs the privacy concerns of employees.

How Outsiders Become Insiders: Understanding and Combating Today’s Threats
For the Q4 edition of Infosecurity Magazine

The piece will look at both insider threats, and how hackers and other malicious actors use or compromise insiders’ accounts, to gain access to systems, applications or data. In the piece we’ll consider:

• What can be done to mitigate the threat of insiders?
• Is this a growing problem, or has the threat of insiders remained more or less constant?
• Access privilege and how organizations can get it right
• Decommissioning old accounts of departed employees

Also, we’ll highlight a few of the most notorious data breaches where insiders have been responsible.

Update: I have had a lot of vendor pitches for this article. Please note that Infosecurity will only quote vendors in exceptional cases (and usually only if the vendor spokesperson has previous experience as a CIO or represents a security body). The preference is for consultants, academics and of course security practitioners.

As ever, please contact me by email rather than calling!


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