Speaking opportunities: Infosecurity Magazine webinars, June 2014

I have openings for speakers on two upcoming webinars for Infosecurity Magazine. Details below; speaking slots are open to analysts, IT consultants, academics and CIOs/CISOs but sadly not security technology vendors.

Please let me know, by email, if you are interested in taking part. All sessions are at 1500 BST.


12 06 14: Securing enterprise file transfer – without hidden risks

Enterprises over time have come to rely on a mix of “digital do-it-yourself” approaches for synching, sharing and transferring files internally and with business partners. Some of the most common are transferring files as email attachments, non-commercial FTP servers, in-house / custom programs and scripts, and consumer-oriented “drop box” solutions. Unfortunately, much of the current file movement activity takes place without any ability to track or audit.

This webinar will present best practices to ensure visibility and control in an increasingly regulated market based on results from a recent Aberdeen survey to several hundred IT professional:
  1. Identify best approaches to file movement and appropriate use of file management
  2. Find out how to incorporate people, process and technology into file management
  3. File movement has a range of use cases that need to be considered to identify the best solution
  4. Discover how to develop consistent policy, visibility, and control to ensure secure file transfer


19 06 14: Know your enemy: inside a perimeter-based attack

Hackers are constantly probing your network for exposure points that they can exploit. They are well-funded, well-equipped and organised.  Yet most organisations are only scanning their ever-changing perimeter monthly or even quarterly.  The key reasons for this “intermittent security” approach are the time and complexity of repeatedly executing comprehensive scans, and insufficient resources to interpret the massive data sets the scans generate.

In this webinar you will learn:
  • How the complexity of today’s perimeter has empowered attackers and paralysed defence
  • The realities behind the usual objections to implementing continuous security
  • How new security technologies and products are overcoming these obstacles

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Freelance journalist specialising in business and technology, based in London (UK).

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