New commissions, FT and Infosecurity Magazine, April 2014

Here’s a quick summary of the articles, where I am looking for input, in the next few weeks:


Financial Times

Connected Business, April 2014: security

Critical National Infrastructure

Is this protected well enough? Attacking a power station or water treatment plant would be an effective way to disrupt a country, and data from the US department for Homeland security indicates that attacks on the US electricity network are increasing. By 2020, U.S. utility companies are expected to spend about $7 billion on cybersecurity. Is this enough? What about ATM machines and mobile networks?

Spokespeople need to be global and be available for interview before 14 04 14. Please indicate availability with your pitch.


Infosecurity Magazine

Spring 2014 Virtual Conference – speaking opportunities

I am looking for panellists for the sessions below, please email in the first instance if interested.

How to Develop a Strong Authentication Strategy to Enhance Security, Business Performance and User Experience
(Live – primarily European audience, 1130hrs, 17 June)

Authentication is at the heart of information security and yet it continues to be one of the most challenging issues facing information security practitioners – and it’s becoming even more complicated as businesses become more connected, mobile and cloud based. So how can organizations implement secure, timely and convenient authentication strategies? This session will review the challenges of effective authentication, share real life experiences and identify appropriate solutions, including:

· Determining the impact of cloud computing on traditional authentication, identity and access
· Assessing the range of authentication options available and how to select an appropriate solution for your organization
– TPM, Two-factor and Three-Factor Authentication, IAM

· Understand how to transition from binary authentication controls to risk scoring behavior and the challenges for applications
· Evaluating federated identity management to extend identity and access management beyond the corporate boundary


Protecting Critical Infrastructure: Developing a Framework to Mitigate Cyber Security Risks and Build Resilience
(Pre-recorded, primarily US audience, recording time tbc))

It’s no secret that critical infrastructure is vulnerable to cyber-attacks –legacy industrial control systems weren’t designed to be connected to the network. Following the release of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, this session will look at new strategies to implement rigorous cybersecurity for critical infrastructure and will enable you to develop a security framework to mitigate cybersecurity risks. Panellists will:
· Assess the key vulnerabilities and threats facing critical infrastructure
· Identify appropriate access policies and controls to secure critical infrastructure
· Find out how to meet regulatory and compliance requirements in securing critical infrastructure


Please express any interest in speaking no later than 10 04 14. Our preference is for industry analyst, academics, IT or information security practitioners (CIOs and CISOs), and independent consultants. Generally, we do not have vendor spokespeople on these panels.



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