Upcoming commissions, February 2014

Here’s a couple of pieces I’m working on, where I’m looking for input.

Usual pitching rules apply.

Financial Times

Connected Business: IT and privacy


After a year in which the privacy of personal information was rarely out of the news, following Edward Snowden’s revelations about the US National Security Agency, this article looks at where does the balance stand between the individual and big corporations in terms of the data the latter hold on the former? What are the big issues in terms of privacy, and how are things changing? Is the era of big data exacerbating the concerns of privacy campaigners, and what are the next likely flashpoints going to be?

– For this piece we specifically want a European angle, as well as inputs from companies (not vendors necessarily) on how they deal with data privacy issues

Deadline for pitches: 1700, GMT, Friday 31 January

IT Pro

Monitoring – the IT department’s view

Is this yet another burden or can network monitoring and analytics actually help the organisation inside and out?
This feature will take the IT department’s viewpoint as to why employees and systems need to be watched over and how the IT department can do this in a legal, ethical and cost effective way, either through existing tools or changes to processes, user education, or other steps.

Please note that the piece needs IT end user interviews, so pitches offering those will take priority.

Deadline for pitches: 1700, GMT, Tuesday 4 February


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