Training course: iPhone video for journalism and PR

Not too long ago, the idea of creating any form of professional video on a camera phone was laughable. But as in so many areas, Apple’s iPhone has changed that.

And being able  to capture high-quality video on a smartphone is a very useful tool indeed, both for news gatherers and communications professionals. There’s the cost savings of not having to buy a dedicated camera, but there’s also a practical advantage. If the iPhone is your main phone too, you’re likely to have it with you at all times. And a camera that’s to hand is much more likely to capture the crucial moment than one that’s back in the office.

The current crop of smartphones, especially the iPhone, are capable video cameras. Out of the box, though, the video from a smartphone isn’t really going to shine. Capturing high-quality video means adding some specific software, as well as a couple of accessories. And it takes a basic understanding of video production techniques, and how to make the most of the device.

That’s why  Dean Arnett and I thought it would be worthwhile pooling what we’ve learned about iPhone video, to produce a short course. Dean’s a cameraman, producer, trainer for a number of national broadcast outlets, and also an author of a book, One Man Hollywood. He’s run iPhone training courses for a number of outlets, including the BBC World Service.

There are other iPhone courses out there, some of which are excellent. Most of these, though, are aimed at journalists, and especially, broadcast journalists. This assumes a certain knowledge of broadcast techniques, and also the need to meet broadcasters’ specific requirements.

Our courses will be aimed at a broader audience, including journalists working for websites or print titles, that want to add videos to their online outlets, and public relations and communications professionals who want to start creating videos with the iPhone, or add polish to the videos they already produce.

We’re keeping the courses short and informal, with lots of time to share ideas, and to gain feedback.

We’re not suggesting that iPhone video will replace material shot by a professional video crew. But there are cases, in both news and in PR, where a full crew might not be practical, or an extra camera or camera team would be very useful indeed. Our aim is to ensure, that at the end of the afternoon, attendees are confident about shooting video on the iPhone to a high standard — and understand what the phone can, and can’t, do.

We have now added the first date for 2014, with more to follow: Thursday, 23 January 2013. Do check out the details here.

As ever, if you want to book more than one place, want to discuss a bespoke course for your organisation, or just find out more, please contact us by email.



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  1. Too bad I’m not in the U.S. in January…

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