Updated: commissions – December 2013

The Times (Raconteur supplement)

I am writing the following piece – which will appear in early Feb, 2014:

Partnering with technology innovators

This article will look at if financial services are to realise the full potential technology can have on their business in 2014, how they must not only implement technologies from leading providers, but consider the gains that can be made from partnering with technology companies.

– I am looking for independent experts (academics, analysts etc), technologists working in banks and other financial sector firms, and technology providers, both consultants and vendors.

– I am, though, looking for companies offering strategic partnerships to the financial sector. It’s outside the scope of this article to consider point solutions from technology vendors. We will, though, look at outsourcing, technology advisory services, and organisations that can help financial firms to innovate.

*Please note the point above – we’re not looking for examples of pieces of technology FS firms may use or indeed financial technologies not used by FS firms – please read the above before pitching. Thanks!*


Infosecurity Magazine

I am looking for expert input for the following feature, for the Q1 2014 issue of Infosecurity Magazine.

The topic is BYOD and we are looking at:

  • Does BYOD actually save money for organizations, or are costs shifted from one area to another?
  • How does BYOD increase the attack or data leak surface?
  • Are organizations keeping up with the times by (1) implementing a BYOD policy and (2) updating these policies frequently
  • Are associated mobile malware risks real, or hype?
  • Will BYOD soon become the default, and what are the legal implications?

There is scope for one or two interviews with CIOs/CISOs interview before December 24.

IT Pro

I am looking for a case study, or a CIO or line of business director, to be interviewed about predictive analytics. This needs to be by 24 December.


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