Special project: tech trends, and the last 3 years in IT

For a one-off project for the FT, I’m looking for commentators from the IT industry, and from organisations using IT.

We’re looking for:

The current tech trends: what will affect businesses in the coming year, but also to the end of the decade;

The most important technology developments and trends of the last three years.

We need comments from senior industry people, experts, analysts and academics. Please send an initial, brief email about the spokesperson and their points of view, by 1700, Monday 9 December. Please don’t send attachments, photos, etc.

For company or vendor spokespeople, they need to be at global board level.

I will then contact the people we’re interested in following up with, to arrange interviews. These need to be completed by Monday 16 December.


About stephenpritchard
Freelance journalist specialising in business and technology, based in London (UK).

One Response to Special project: tech trends, and the last 3 years in IT

  1. Adam Adams says:

    Hi Stephen

    Someone with a lot of insight on technology trends is David Elton. You know David well and I’m sure you’ll agree he is an excellent commentator. He hosted a major IT innovation event a week ago where PA showcased some of the disruptive technologies that will impact business now and in the future. OK to set up a call with David next week?


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