New commissions: IT Pro: November-December 2013

Please note: we have changed the running order for these features so have revised the date for leads. I will load info on another feature, for December, soon.

For IT Pro, I am currently researching two features:

Mainframes and the cloud: can they co-exist?

Is the cloud the enemy of ‘big iron’ computing? Or can they work together? Observers have predicted the end of the mainframe for years, but the technology continues to evolve. How are businesses making the best of their mainframe investments in a cloud-focused IT world? Could companies that rely on mainframes find cloud to be a threat?

Sources needed: analysts, mainframe experts, and IT directors and CIOs of companies that use — or have used — mainframes.

Deadline for leads, by email please, 1700 GMT, 21 11 13

Using analytics to answer business’ ‘what if’ questions

More businesses are turning to predictive analytics to improve their forecasting. But another growing area in big data and analytics is systems that can test a hypothesis, and then help companies to refine the way they do business. How do these predictive or ‘test and learn’ systems work, and how can companies harness their potential?

Deadline for leads, by email please, 1700 GMT, 10 12 13


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