Infosecurity Magazine: Winter 2013 Virtual Conference

I’m looking for speakers for these sessions – please drop me an email with details if interested, in the first instance.

Timings are as below; 5th November is a European audience, and 6th November US.

The Internet of Things: Securing the expanding threat landscape
Both sessions, pre recorded, time tbc:
Moderator: Stephen Pritchard (Pre-record)
More and more physical devices are being connected to the internet, from SMART grids, to medical devices to cars, a development resulting in part from the introduction of Ipv6. As the proliferation of connected devices continues, businesses face a host of increased cyber security risks. Not only are there increased risks of breaches as the threat landscape expands, The Internet of Things poses a range of data security and compliance considerations as businesses look to harness the huge quantities of personal data from multiple devices for commercial use. The potential security implications of the ‘Internet of Things’ are vast and during this session the panel will discuss new approaches to tackle the emerging risks.
• Understand the different definitions of the ‘Internet of Things’ and the ‘Internet of Everything’
• Analyse the privacy and data protection challenges posed by ‘The Internet of Things’
• Evaluate the limitations of traditional network and data defences for ‘The Internet of Things’ and how data security solutions needs to evolve to tackle this new challenge

5 steps to secure agile software development
5/11/13 13.30-14.30 GMT
Moderator: Stephen Pritchard (Live)
Agile software development is critical in enabling rapid adaption and speed to market for new applications. But how do you embed security into the rapidly changing SDLC? What are the key factors that hamper the integration of security into the SDLC and how do you overcome this? How do you communicate security to key stakeholders to ensure that security is factored into the entire process? And what are the governance and compliance issues around security for agile software development?

Identity, authentication and access: TPM, what is it, and how does it work?
6/11/13 15.00-16.00 Eastern
Moderator: Stephen Pritchard (Live)
Authentication and access management continue to be amongst the biggest challenges within information security. TPM (Trusted Platform Model) has been touted recent years as a cheaper and more effective alternative to software-based information security systems, and is now beginning to gain a foothold and be embraced by enterprises as more TPM devices are deployed and the embedding of Trusted Computing in Windows.

During this session the panel will provide insight into TPM, how it works and what it means for information security. The panel will evaluate the pros and cons of TPM versus other authentication strategies, in particular the impact of TPM on password and token based authentication.


About stephenpritchard
Freelance journalist specialising in business and technology, based in London (UK).

2 Responses to Infosecurity Magazine: Winter 2013 Virtual Conference

  1. Jo McConnell says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Would like to suggest Guy Bunker for ‘ The Internet of Things’ panel. As you know Clearswift have just launched Adaptive Redaction to address the compliance issues that business face.

    Let me know what you think and hopefully we can pencil in the diary.



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