Call for speakers: Infosecurity Magazine webinars, August-September 2013

I’m currently recruiting panellists for a number of Infosecurity Magazine webinar sessions … September mostly but one’s sneaking in under the wire on August 29th!

We can’t use vendor speakers, but are keen to have analysts, CISOs or independent security consultants. If any of these are of interest, please email me in the first instance.

Also do check back as some more sessions will be added (5th and 19th September).

Moving the Security Perimeter to the Cloud

Date: 29 August 2013, 15:00 BST
Speakers for this session are now fully booked

Advanced Cyber Attacks: Identifying The Culprits
Date: 05 September 2013, 15:00 BST

In today’s cyber threat landscape, identifying your enemy is a crucial piece of any defense plan.

Finding out who your attackers are, how they work, and what they want is critical to protecting your data and intellectual property

Drawing on results from a sample of nearly 1,500 campaigns tracked by FireEye, this webinar explores and discusses the common facets of malware attacks and what they often reveal about the culprits.

By examining these areas, security professionals can make great strides in identifying threat actors
and better defend their organizations against future cyber assaults.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • The seven clues to identifying attackers
  • Key sources of attack information
  • How to use this intelligence for greater protection

Webinar Week, September 2013

Zero-day Attacks for Defense and Attack

Date: 10 September 2013, 15:00 GMT

The proliferation of hacking tools known as zero-day exploits is raising concerns at the highest levels in the information security industry and in government, even as U.S. agencies and defense contractors have been named as the “biggest buyers of such products”. As one data breach after another is the result of a zero-day attack, the industry needs to continue its research on the blueprint of a 0-day and continue to evolve defense technology. This webinar will also address the use of 0-day exploits in the increasingly publicized ‘hack back’ movement.

Webinar Week, September 2013

Access Denied: Is Authentication the Unsolvable Information Security Problem?

Date: 12 September 2013, 15:00 GMT

Industry experts are almost unanimous in their acceptance of authentication as the unsolved problem facing the information security industry. Passwords are both forgettable and inadequate, memorable information is easily sought out via social networking sites, two-factor authentication can be inconvenient, three-factor authentication is inconvenient, biometrics are treated with suspicion…

As an industry, the authentication problem is yet to be cracked, and the consequence is enormous. Authentication is at the heart of anything meaningful we do online, and the ability to authenticate online in a secure, timely and convenient way is crucial in today’s world. This webinar will take a look at the problem, the existing offerings, and potential future solutions.

How to make access to your sensitive data more secure – the easy way

Date: 19 September 2013, 16:00 BST

Sensitive data is shared more than ever, through cloud services and via remote access as more and more employees use their mobile devices for work.

This brings practical advantages, but brings more risk of identity theft, data breaches and outages.

A security challenge faced by enterprises is that passwords are not enough. Multi-factor authentication is critical. But businesses looking to implement multi-factor identification need to balance improved security with its costs and the potential burden on the IT department.

In this webinar we will examine:

The different existing methods of two-factor authentication with their pros and cons;

  • The benefits of using digital certificates (Certificate-based authentication provides users with the strength and benefit of two-factor with no additional effort required) and how it works;
  • How to implement a secure access to all users for internal networks, cloud services and mobile devices;
  • How to implement a strong identity verification in a scalable manner to accommodate growth.

Security, Mobility and Compliance: Can An Organisation Have It All?

Date: 26 September 2013, 15:00 BST

Speakers for this session are now fully booked


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