Updated: Infosecurity Magazine webinars, Spring 2013

I am looking for speakers for the following webinars, for Infosecurity Magazine.

All are for a UK and European audience.

In each case, we are looking for independent speakers from the analyst, consulting and academic communities. Sadly these presenting slots are not open to vendor executives.

For each panel, we also have space for an end user expert, who can be an IT director, CIO, or IT security specialist. End users can work in any industry sector.

The webinars go out live using Brighttalk, and all start at 1500 London time, unless indicated.

Please note, some of the topic details have been updated.

For more information on the content of each session, please drop me an email. Background on the webinars is on Infosecurity Magazine’s site.


21/03/13 Next generation vulnerability management

Next-generation firewalls include embedded threat protection features, such as IPS, which enable Information Security to stay ahead of increasingly advanced threats. Yet migrating and optimizing next-gen firewalls puts an undue burden on IT or information security teams, according to a recent survey conducted by Skybox Security.

To truly reduce risk and reap the advanced protection next-generation firewalls, you need to evolve risk assessments, fine-tune IPS signatures, and mature your next-generation firewall platforms.
This webinar will look at:
  • Tips to shorten and optimize the migration to a mature next-gen firewall deployment
  • Best practices for upgrading to next-gen firewall operations
  • How to move into ‘active protection’ mode


28/03/13 Virtualisation Security Risks: What Are They and How to Defend Against Them

Virtualization has taken the computer world by storm, lowering costs and significantly speeding up many routine processes.  But has your computer security processes and technologies kept up?

This webinar will discuss virtualization security risks and how organizations can mitigate these risks by developing a strategic approach.


18/4/12: Advanced Threat Protection via Data-Centric Security

The APT tornado is getting larger and gathering speed, and we’re all in its path of destruction. Things like perimeter security and simple encryption don’t cut it; perimeter security is irrelevant when barbarians are inside and simple encryption gives a false sense of security because it lacks the policy control to protect against privileged user exploitation. Moreover, while many believe compliance = safety, it doesn’t. “Check box” security may give comfort, but like a placebo, it offer no real protection against cyber attacks.


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