Infosecurity Magazine: US webinar week, April 2013

I am looking for panellists for the following sessions, for Infosecurity Magazine’s US Webinar Week: w/c 8 April, 2013

As the name suggests, these are focused at the magazine’s US audience and so our preference is for US-based speakers, or speakers based elsewhere who have a genuinely international outlook.

I am looking for 3-4 panellists for each session, drawn from the CISO or CIO communities, industry analysts, and independent consultants.

The sessions will go out at 2pm EST/7pm GMT on each day. Please contact me via the options on this page if you are interested in taking part.


Monday 8 April: Data Protection and Globalization

Global businesses means complying with international law and regulations – and nowhere is the pressure greater than when it comes to data protection law.

Regulators around the world are taking an increasingly tough line on losses of personal data, but rules are extending to other areas too, such as the safeguarding of intellectual property.

This webinar will look at the international data protection landscape, and what organizations need to do to ensure their data protection regime can meet the sometimes conflicting demands of global trade.


Friday 12 April: Future Proofing Your Infosecurity Strategy

As organizations adopt new technologies, they also open up new infosecurity vulnerabilities. The number of these “attack vectors” continues to grow, as industry develops new devices and applications – and as cybercriminals develop new hacks. The popularity of mobile and tablet devices, in particular, poses new risks.

This webinar will look at the rapidly changing nature of security threats, and give infosecurity professionals insights in how to develop processes, policies and tools that are flexible enough to adapt to business change, but also robust enough to protect the organization.


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