Upcoming commissions: March 2013

Financial Times Connected Business – March 2013

I am writing these pieces for the FT:

Risk management and compliance
Two of the biggest challenges for a CFO are to make sure that the risk exposure of his company remains within acceptable parameters, while also ensuring that the company is in compliance with the regulatory requirements at all times. What tools are available to help meet these challenges today?

Managing information
The CFO needs to keep tabs on more than just cash positions, orders and other key metrics. Today the CFO needs to be able to quickly access a wide range of corporate data and then have the ability to drill down and manipulate that information using BI and data analytics tools.

Deadline for submission of ideas/contacts: 28/2/13

I will also be looking for podcast guests for the overall topic of “IT and the CFO”.

In all cases, the preference is for global spokespeople, and for CFOs or independent experts over IT vendors.


Mobile business intelligence
Note: there is no public synopsis for this feature, but the magazine has an online resource http://www.computerweekly.com/guides/Guide-to-mobile-business-intelligence on the topic, so we are looking for content that moves the story on. What works and what does not in mobile BI, how should it be implemented, what devices are best and how to ensure security are just some possible angles. As ever, priority will be given to vendors that can line up an interview with a business using the technology (UK or EU).

Deadline for submissions: 03/03/13

HR systems
Please note this will now be running later in the quarter – if you have already submitted information, thank you. I am still looking for HR directors to interview on the topic, however.


About stephenpritchard
Freelance journalist specialising in business and technology, based in London (UK).

2 Responses to Upcoming commissions: March 2013

  1. George Wright says:

    Hi Stephen,

    What did you think of the following suggestion for the Risk management & compliance feature for Connected Business?

    Many thanks,


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