Further commissions: November 2012

FT Connected Business podcast
I am looking for a CIO or an industry analyst to look at the topic of paying for IT and controlling its costs.
Ideally the guest would be able to do the interview in central London within the next 2 weeks.
This is to accompany the December Connected Business report. This is not open to IT vendors. Suggestions for guests by 5pm on 14 11 12 please.

Sunday Times supplement on mobile
I am working on two features for this supplement, one on 4G and one on M2M. The focus is on a business, not a technical audience, mostly in the UK. I am looking to speak to analysts, vendor experts (operators or equipment) and businesses that use mobile comms. Please email any suggestions by 5pm on 15 11 12. Any interviewees MUST be available by 17 11 12.
If you are a PR pitching for this please give the name and job title, brief bio (no attachments) and area of expertise of the person you are putting forward. I will only be able to reply to pitches that do this.

We already have some good contacts for these but anyone with a user’s perspective or fresh case studies will be heard! In particular, can you explain how these technologies are making your business run better?

This is an expert overview of mobile’s future, identifying briefly what 4G is, what impact it’s likely to have on the way people to business and how people should be preparing for the technology.

Machine to machine – or M2M – communication is what is says on the tin: machines talking to machines by themselves, sometimes known as the Internet Of Things.


About stephenpritchard
Freelance journalist specialising in business and technology, based in London (UK).

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