Editorial commissions: November 2012

Here are some of the editorial commissions for November, where I am open to receiving input.

The usual guidance on pitches applies, please do review the notes on previous posts. Deadlines are those for input. Please email only in the first instance.


IT Pro: Business of IT

Deadline: 5pm, 30 10 12

For the October Business of IT feature we will be looking at how to measure investment in IT, and ensure an ROI from IT projects. With some evidence that both the wider economy and IT spending is picking up, companies might be looking to spend more – but how do they ensure that spending is effective?

– target interviewees: IT directors/CIOs, IT consultants, industry analysts (UK/Europe)


Financial Times report: Business of Consulting

* please note this is not an FT Connected Business report*

Deadline: 1 11 12 (please note, this piece has a short turnaround, with copy due in the next week)

Technology consulting

In Europe and the US, this is a strong area at the moment as organisations seek ways to tackle the “Big Data” challenge – getting more value out of their own and public data – and to exploit the benefits of cloud computing. Wall Street and City financial service firms, for example, are constantly looking for an edge over rivals through better use of technology. Hand in hand with this is increasing demand for advice on cyber security.


– target spokespeople: head of tech consulting practices, companies that advise industry on sourcing professional services, CIOs and industry analysts. This is international so UK-only spokespeople will not be considered.


FT Connected Business, December 2012


Deadline: 10 November

Cutting data centre costs: Co-location, virtualisation and other techniques such as server consolidation provide a way to cut data center costs and improve utilisation. What are the best strategies for reducing spending on data centers while at the same time improving energy usage? 

– target spokespeople: CIOs (not from tech vendors), IT consultants, analysts


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