Commissions: October 2012

Here is a summary of current commissions open for PR input.

Infosecurity Magazine

For the Infosecurity Magazine US virtual conference, I am looking for speakers for the topics below.

These will be pre-recorded sessions. Preference will be given to US based speakers who are academics, independent analysts, or consultants. Typically each session will have three panellists – vendor spokespeople will only be considered if at the CTO/chief scientist or equivalent level.

The event will go out on 7 November – (please note new date) but recordings need to be done by October 24th.

Keeping up with compliance: Tackling the data privacy challenge

Globalisation and rapid technological developments mean that data privacy is becoming ever more complex with information crossing both virtual and geographical boundaries. Keeping up with legislation and preparing for impending legislation is essential, especially with the huge potential for data leakage through the increased proliferation of mobile devices and cloud computing. Join this session to gain an update on the latest international and domestic privacy regulations, hear how these regulations are being interpreted and identify strategies to ensure you are compliant.

Analyst update: What’s on the cybersecurity threat horizon and how should you prepare?

Security threats are continually advancing and a key challenge for information security professionals is keeping on top of current threats and planning for the future. From information warfare and cyber espionage, to hacktivism, malware, data security and the internal risks of new technologies, a raft of emerging threats face the industry. This session will take a look at the latest trends in information security and equip you with the knowledge to drive your security strategy forward and shape your security architecture.

FT Connected Business: November 2012

The theme for November is the role of the CIO. For the written report I am covering the piece below.

In addition, for the podcast, we are looking for CIOs to talk about their role and their relationship with the business – and also possibly analysts or researchers who study the CIO role.

Please note that interviews and recordings need to be completed by the last week in October.

Using IT to enhance leadership effectiveness

Technology tools such as business intelligence software, enterprise ‘dashboards’ and data visualisation can provide business leaders with a much richer view of business processes and customers. What tech tools are available for the C-suite and senior business managers.


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