Editorial commissions – October 2012

A very short post, which will be updated over the coming weeks:

FT Connected Business Podcast: Case study request

In the Connected Business podcast for September 12, we launched a new series reporting on challenges businesses have solved using technology.

We are actively looking for other companies or organisations to feature in this slot over the next few programmes.

The criteria are:

The project should be business led, and solve a business problem or challenge (internal IT projects do not qualify);

We need to interview the business owner of the project – we are happy to interview the IT lead too, but not just the IT lead;

The project needs to show a clear ROI or result;

The interviewees should be willing to discuss basic financial numbers;

The interviews will be recorded (and may be filmed);

Interviewees should be at least at VP level;

Organisations can be in any commercial sector except IT or telecoms, or in central government

Organisations can be worldwide, but priority will be given to EU, ex UK examples

Interviews will be in English


A friendly note to PRs: please do not put forward vendor clients to talk about their own IT projects, or vendor clients to talk about a project done with a customer — we need to speak to the customers themselves.


FT Connected Business, October 2012

The theme for October 2012 is on financial services and I will be writing:

8.  Data Management &  e-discovery
The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) in the US and their equivalents in other jurisdictions continue to have a profound impact on how IT teams deal with legal discovery of electronically stored information (ESI).Stephen Pritchard

Please do not ask for details of who is writing other pieces, as I can’t disclose that. Pitches can go via the usual FT Special Reports email.

I am however keen to hear from potential podcast guests to talk about the overall issues of IT in financial services: senior end user executives are preferred.

Please submit brief pitches by Sept 20th, keeping in mind that the copy deadline is at the beginning of October. When pitching please be as specific as possible and include the name and availability of any executives you are putting forward.


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Freelance journalist specialising in business and technology, based in London (UK).

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