Commissions for Sept 2012

IT Pro, September, Business of IT feature
For the business of IT feature in September, we are looking at big data. In the first instance, please contact us with case studies or IT managers willing to be interviewed, and independent analysts who can explain how IT practitioners should go about tackling the issues big data brings to the fore.

Infosecurity Magazine, Sept-Oct 2012 issue

Topic: Addressing software vulnerabilities as the cloud and mobile take over

• How does moving apps to the cloud and mobile platforms change the secure development lifecycle?
• Are cloud-based and mobile apps more or less secure than their traditional, locally hosted counterparts?
• How are these two trends related with respect to security and the need to address vulnerabilities
• Are mobile apps more or less frequently patched with security updates? Are they more vulnerable?

Deadline for submissions of ideas/interviewee suggestions: August 15

We prefer to speak to IT security practitioners, independent consultants and analysts so if you are a vendor, please explain your area of expertise. Please note this goes out in the UK and US.

NB: we have several webinars and a further virtual conference coming up, and we are looking for non-vendor speakers. Please email me for details.

For the Connected Business September 2012 issue – which is on the Consumerisation of IT — (online and in print), I am covering the following topics:

Desktop video conferencing and chat services
It’s been a long time  coming but desktop video and chat services are finally beginning to  deliver the improved communications and cooperation between empolyees  that they have long promised. Meanwhile video has become a key component in unified messaging services.

Social Media   Companies have quickly discovered that Facebook, Twitter and other social media services represent a huge opportunity for business. How are companies using these new tools?

Please send your brief ideas by email only — do not phone — by August 18.

Please note I do not accept pre-written comments for articles. If you are putting forward a spokesperson please ensure you supply their name and job title, a few bullets on what they can speak about (not pre-written quotes), geographical area of responsibility (usually this needs to be worldwide) and indicate their availability.

Leads for customer interviews or case studies (including the name of the person we would be speaking to) are most welcome.

We anticipate a lot of interest in this topic so please do try to keep to these guidelines. I will do my best to come back to you if I’m interested in an interview by Aug 25th, but I may not be able to respond to every submission. Unfortunately, I can’t disclose details of which writers are covering other topics.


  • Please also note the context of the pieces: the consumerisation of IT (which is our theme for September) and so, the use of consumer technologies. So far, far too many submissions have missed this point entirely.
  • Please also note the requirement for worldwide spokespeople. UK/EMEA executives will not be interviewed, unless they are end users.
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