Speaking opportunity: Infosecurity Magazine webinar on Flame

Later this month I will be moderating a special Infosecurity Magazine webinar on Flame.

We are looking for CISOs/CIOs, independent experts, IT practitioners or analysts to join the panel, which will be in a Q&A format. (We can’t include vendor speakers, sorry).

The brief for the session is:

Flame: The truth behind the cyber weapon

Flame malware has fascinated the cybersecurity industry with its sophistication and the versatility of a Swiss-Army knife of cyberspying.

Did the U.S. government commission the recently discovered Flame malware? According to new research, the developers of Stuxnet and Flame crossed paths – exchanging source code at least once – which insinuates that the U.S. government commissioned both Flame and Stuxnet.

If the connection between the two proves to be true, weaponisation of cyberhacks and the militerisation of the internet will reach a whole new level on both public and private sector agendas.

This webinar will take a look at the origination of Flame, its properties, the consequences of the malware, the relationship between Stuxnet and Flame and its contribution to the weaponisation of cyber-attacks.

Please contact me by email or on Twitter asap if you want to take part.

The session will be recorded on the afternoon of June 28th.


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