Video production packages

Video technology is changing all the time…

So we’ve updated our video packages – the four main options are below.

Do please email if these are of interest, or of course if you need a bespoke quote for a specific job. The usual small print: prices are an indication only, but we will always aim to give you a firm price.

Prosumer: £350/day

Our “better than an iPhone” package: based on a camera operator or video journalist with a high-quality consumer camcorder, and a single microphone. This set up is small and light, but flexible enough to work in situations such as show floors or for vox pops. Recording formats: AVCHD or MPEG-2 (memory card) or HDV (tape) at 1080i.

DSLR: £500/day

Want that DSLR look? A video journalist with video-capable, full-frame DSLR. Great for set-ups where portability is important, or where you need to “lose” a busy background and isolate the subject. Good in low light. Includes separate sound recording and portable lighting, so suitable for outdoors or venues where mains power might not be on hand.

Recording formats: Quicktime H.264 at 720p or 1080p. For broadcast, upgrade to 50mpbs+ recording for £100/day.

Standard definition or streaming: £500/day

Not every job needs HD. There are still plenty of outlets that need, or require, footage on SD tape. We provide a video journalist with camcorder filming in the industry-standard DVCAM format, or a camera operator with a full-sized broadcast camera. Both have FireWire outputs so are suitable for lower-end streaming or vision mixing.

Recording format: DVCAM to tape or solid state media. Lighting and sound as above. For interviews, upgrade to a full lighting kit for £100 (mains power required).

HD: £900/day

Want the next level in quality and flexibility? Book our two-person team and film your project in full HD at 1080p. Our full HD packages are based around the Sony XDCAM EX format, and include a journalist/producer/interviewer, experienced camera operator, and a professional lighting and sound kit. This format is ideal for interviews, quality vox pops, reports and features, and b-roll as well as for corporate footage intended for display at events or for HD broadcast online. The XDCAM EX format is suitable for news-level HD broadcast (and SD of course).

Upgrades: add a second camera, ideal for interviews, £150/day. Separate recording at 50mbps + (for “long form” HD broadcast, or post-processing): £100 per camera per day. Additional lighting, “green screen” and more on request.

Other options:

  • Editing – office based: £350/day
  • Live video production and streaming, green screen, sound recordist, other video formats: on request.

All our prices exclude VAT at the prevailing rate. Travel, and other expenses – such as media – agreed with the client in advance.


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Freelance journalist specialising in business and technology, based in London (UK).

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