Editorial commissions: March-April 2012

Here is a selection of upcoming commissions, where I am looking for expert input.

Please contact me by email initially with your details if you are available for interview. Deadlines for contacting me below the summary (these are not the copy deadlines or always the deadline for completing interviews).

Searchdatamanagement/Computer Weekly

1. Analytics: Advanced analytics technologies, such as in-memory analytics and in-database analytics promise faster and more flexible business intelligence. But what is the adoption pattern like in the UK and elsewhere in Europe? How are organisations delivering business value from these technologies?

Deadline: 27-3-12

2. Unstructured data:  A piece focused on the process management side of tackling so-called unstructured data. How the analysis of unstructured data can be optimally managed. (NB, sorry no vendors for this piece)

Deadline: 27-3-12

Financial Times (Connected Business)

Data protection and privacy: navigating the data protection and privacy laws in different geographies can be a challenge. A ‘users’ guide.

Deadline: 04-04-12

CNBC Magazine

The airport of the (near) future: airports are at the less glamorous end of flight. But how is the airport’s role changing, and how is technology changing our experience of the airport ‘journey’?

Deadline: 30-3-12

BBC Future

Robotics: a two part feature looking firstly at domestic and business robots and ‘robot assistants’ and secondly at AI and how autonomous a robot can and should be.

Deadline: 02-04-2012

Infosecurity Magazine

How to stay secure on salesforce.com (and other SaaS apps). What are the main security concerns around implementing and running apps in the cloud?

Deadline: 7-04-2012

Multimedia work

I am currently looking for:
– analysts and information security professionals, CIOs, or finance directors for the April 25 FT podcast;
– security professionals (non vendor) for panels for Infosecurity’s spring virtual conference – email for details
– an academic expert to talk on AI for BBC Future.


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Freelance journalist specialising in business and technology, based in London (UK).

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