Updated: commissions: December 2011 and January 2012

Here’s a summary of current editorial work, where I am looking for input (in order of deadlines – which are the cut offs for any ideas)

  • Infosecurity Magazine
    M&A in the IT security sector. How have recent mergers affected the industry, how have the larger deals bedded down, what is in prospect for 2012 and how might CISOs be affected?
    – 22 12 11

  • Financial Times
    How does B2B customer service differ from B2C? What technologies are manufacturers, professional services firms, distributors and financiers using to improve customer service? We are looking to speak to heads of sales and to CIOs.
    – 27 12 11

  • FT Connected Business podcast
    We are looking to interview one or two senior executives whose businesses have undertaken a customer services project (B2B or B2C). Interviews to be completed by 11 01 12
    – 27 12 11

  • CNBC Business
    ERP: heart of the business, or a technology that’s had its day? We are looking for experts to commentate on the ERP sector and vendors in the space
    – 06 01 12

    The future of space: we are looking at space travel, space exploration, the growing role of commercial operators and of countries such as China and India. We are seeking interviews with experts from research, space agencies, commercial companies and manufacturers.
    – 06 01 12

  • About stephenpritchard
    Freelance journalist specialising in business and technology, based in London (UK).

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