Upcoming articles – Aug-September 11

Here’s a summary of the feature articles I am currently working on, and where I am open to input.

NB: please read this in conjunction with a separate post I will put up today, with some advice on pitching.

The deadlines are the latest I will consider any submissions, but some pieces might be written earlier than that.

Key advice for IT leaders
– A piece aimed at CIOs or IT directors who are new to the role, or those that have their sights on the job. IT Pro, deadline 17/8/11

Business intelligence and data analytics in the cloud
– Aimed at end users (not necessarily in an IT role). How mature are cloud offerings and how do they compare with on premise? What have business’ real-world experiences been? And what is best practice for implementing BI in the cloud? Tech Target, deadline 18/8/11

Business of IT series: the business case for security investment
– How should companies pay for security? Is there an ROI from security deployments? How does an IT manager formulate the business case? IT Pro, deadline 23/8/11

Educating users in security
– What options are there for education around practice and policy, beyond the ‘big manual’ approach? How do CISOs keep staff up to date on a changing security threat? What is the role of departments such as compliance and HR? Infosecurity Magazine, deadline 23/8/11

Big data and financial services
– How are banks and other finance firms making use of ‘big data’? What are the challenges around gathering, sorting and storing ever larger data sets and what are the business benefits of having this information? NB, this is aimed at a line of business, not a technology reader. FT, deadline 24/8/11

Focus on the cloud
– What can/will/should be done by business in the cloud? The basics could move easily – data processing, storage, e-commerce, e-mail. But what are the limits? NB, financial services examples preferred. FT, deadline 24/8/11

FT Connected Business – podcast opportunity
– There are slots for one, maybe two, CIOs or analysts for the 21 9 11 podcast. Financial services sector preferred. Please email for details of logistics. Deadline is 14 9 11.


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Freelance journalist specialising in business and technology, based in London (UK).

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