Video review: Panasonic FT1 digital camera

A quick, out of the box video review of the video capabilities of Panasonic’s Lumix FT1, from a journalist’s point of view. (NB, in the US this is known as the TS1, but the functionality is the same.)

The video was recorded in AVCHD Lite, hi-res, and converted to H.264 for uploading to WordPress. Otherwise, the audio and video are exactly as the camera produced, using its default settings, and in available light.

The Verdict
Panasonic FT1 digital camera

Pros: Low cost for its capabilities, high quality video, good quality, hi-res stills
Cons: Proprietary USB and AV cables, no mic input, no video output during recording
Price: from around £250, inc VAT.
More information:

Please revisit this site for a companion piece, which will look at syncing the FT1 with a pro audio recorder.


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