Article on blogging in PR Week (UK edition)

In case anyone hasn’t seen this in the print edition, click here to see my recent piece in PR Week arguing against PROs targeting bloggers. Bite PR’s Robin Wilson puts the case in favour…

NB: the link to this piece will only for PR Week subscribers only, sorry


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2 Responses to Article on blogging in PR Week (UK edition)

  1. darika says:

    I think you made a really strong point on blogging platforms may just be the means to publishing words, pictures and multimedia content online.
    I’m always trying to distinguish there are different commercial iterations (I think there’s stylistic differences too).
    After my time spent with Shiny trying to get PRs to engage with the writers professionally, championing a blanket approach of PRs staying away from bloggers makes their job just that little bit harder.

  2. I think you and Robin are both right. You are absolutely right about clients’ budgets not being able to stretch into willy nilly targeting of on-line writers. Given that budgets are lower on average than 10 years ago and the cost of doing business has risen by about 50%, we can’t even target all the print media. PRs need to think more like advertising media planners and price campaigns based on the number of meaningful outlets where they can build meaningful dialogues and relationships. This includes high quality print publications, freelancers and some bloggers. However, most of the bloggers I target also happen to be journalists.

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